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The investment market & real estate market in Egypt

Egypt is attractive to investors for several reasons. First, a relatively stable economy has a huge development trends, thanks to new economic agreements with several countries. New economic projects implemented.

Secondly, climatic conditions make Egypt one of the leaders in the tourism sector, which attracts investors to build hotels and residential complexes.

Thirdly, the geographical location of Egypt makes readily available transport by sea or air. Egypt has become an attractive market for business and investment.

Today there is a large increase in the real estate market in Egypt, thanks to new opportunities for investment with good growth potential and relatively low prices. Investors come from many countries such as, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada, France, Ukraine, Russia and so on.

In connection with the recent reform to simplify procedures for the acquisition of real estate by foreigners and due to the low taxes (only 2% of the purchase price), Egypt is now attracting more foreign buyers than ever before.

Reasons why you should begin to invest in real estate in Egypt?

The answer to Your question you will find in the following paragraphs:

- Low property prices

- Annual increase in value of the property

- Stunning natural and climatic conditions (warm, dry climate with temperatures ranging from 14°C in winter to + 40°C in summer)

- Low tax, significantly less than in most European countries

- No tax on capital gains

- There is no inheritance tax on any property in Egypt

- The purchased property is not declared in Your country

- Year-round tourist season

Egypt is a politically stable country with high economic growth and investment, create a favorable investment climate. Easy access by air and sea from many countries. The relatively low cost of living and the cost of maintenance. English, German and Russian languages are widely spread among the local population.