Red Sea


The city of Hurghada, a recognized tourist center of Egypt located on the red sea coast annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world.

Year-round resort delights its guests with Sunny weather, endless beaches on the background of desert and mountains, the purest and the most beautiful Red sea. The unique climatic conditions in Hurghada allow you to rest comfortably here at any time of the year. Thanks to the climate and certain wind directions opens the opportunity for surfing, diving and other sports. Water sports and entertainment bring to life the unforgettable experience. The underwater world of the red sea is considered the richest and most colorful in the world.

For those seeking leisure there is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the peace, beauty and bliss. New modern Grand aquarium which occupies 6-e a place among the best aquariums in the world, the Dolphinarium, the city of sand, A Egypt Park where are collected more than 60 mini monuments of Egypt, the promenade with restaurants and cafes where you can admire the yachts and the sea, do not forget to spend the evening. In Hurghada, You can not only relax but also learns the history of ancient Egypt.

For lovers of the mountains and the desert, Hurghada offers an exciting journey for a special program: climbing a mountain, riding on Quadra cycles, jeeps, cars, bugs, camel riding, visiting Bedouin villages. Horseback riding in the mountains or to the sea, meeting the sunset in the desert - dive in the Eastern tale.

Hurghada is so enchanted people from all over the world, many coming once in Egypt, returning again and again, and some decide to stay here permanently and consider Egypt my second home. Here for foreigners is a good opportunity to do what you love, business or just relax and enjoy.

Sahl Hasheesh

Is 18 km from the international airport of Hurghada to Safaga and has a length of 12 kilometers. Luxury and prestige – the principle on which is based the Sahl Hasheesh. Luxury hotels, luxury residential complexes, Golf courses, a port for ships and yachts, not to mention a fabulous white sand beach. Infrastructure of the resort on the idea of creators provides all the needs of luxury travelers.

The architecture of the resort is designed in the tradition of the Arab East, with its inherent elements of luxury and rich design. Two monumental columns, in the spirit of the Hypostyle (columned) hall of Karnak Temple in Luxor, installed at the entrance to the resort, immerse us in the atmosphere of the times of the mighty pharaohs.

A long Avenue, fringed with greenery and 10,000 palm trees, leads to the Piazza (Piazza) — spacious Belvedere with an open platform, which offers an unforgettable view of the sea.

Ruins of a sunken city of the pharaohs can be seen under the water with a pontoon bridge, which stretches from the coast to 250 meters. The resort, famous for the extraordinary beauty of corals and the pristine underwater world. The waterfront offers fine dining restaurants, shops, cafes by the sea, the beaches.


a small resort town in the governorate of the Red Sea, Egypt. Located 53 km South of Hurghada. For many years Safaga is an important commercial port. Safaga is also a passenger port, which offers regular services cruise flight with Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In addition to the port, a tourist of hotels, bungalows and holiday houses. Since there are several deposits of phosphates, Safaga is a center for the export of phosphates. Asphalt highways with a length of 164 km joins with the Safaga Qena, located in the valley of the Nile.

Safaga is considered one of the most important therapeutic tourist centres. Fresh sand has healing properties to cure diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin, including psoriasis.

Safaga is especially popular for kitesurfing and Windsurfing. In addition to practicing water sports and sightseeing, Safaga are sometimes noisy night parties on the beach organized by the divers and the surfers. Safaga can also attract fishing enthusiasts and gourmets who can taste rare seafood in the many restaurants of the city. Opposite the city is the uninhabited island of Safaga.

Marsa Alam

a small resort town in the governorate of the Red Sea, Egypt. Located 271 km South of Hurghada and 131 to the South of El Quseir. The city's population — 4 685 inhabitants (2006) — employed mainly in the service to tourism businesses; part of the population is engaged in fishing, herding sheep and camels.

As a resort Marsa El Alam — a new, quickly developing resort hotels from three to five stars. Famous representatives of the marine fauna (Dolphin, dugong, manta, hammerhead sharks). Interest tangamandapio thickets, coral reefs. Marsa El Alam with intact fauna of coral reefs, is one of the largest diving centres on the Red sea. The resort began to grow especially quickly after, in November 2001 opened the international airport of Marsa El Alam.


Marsa Alam exclusive resort. Many tourism projects are planned for the near future. Marsa Alam, in a short time, will rival the popularity of the famous Egyptian resorts like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.