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Inhurghada is leading real estate company with great experience in sales and marketing of real estate in Egypt.

we have the best experience in foreign field in sales and buying real estate, we introduce the most perfect projects that give us the trustable between us and our clients to make the best deal for them, we are proud of representing several European developers who find them offers in all prices ranges.

Our clients they know that the finishing and quality that we sell for them have to be the best in Egypt as the European quality.

As professional in our field we have to be sure that our clients have a secure and perfect deals, as we have the best legal consult and our lawyers are highly grading in the  real estate field  .

at last, we just do our best to make our clients have the best vacation in them life as secure and interesting time by helping and trustable.

please if you have any questions just contact us and we will answer you as soon as we can.

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In Hurghada Services

In Hurghada is a Hurghada-based real estate and investment company providing full range of services in managing and marketing properties for sale, purchase, rent and investment in the most popular regions of the Red and Mediterranean Sea, including Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm-El-Sheih, Quseir, Safaga, Alexandria  

Our company is  dedicated to assist  clients in finding, renting and purchasing the right type of property to suit their needs, whether it's for investment, business, holydays, residence or retirement.

Our Company does its best to meet the needs of the customers by providing professional guidance to purchasing / selling property, residency, opening and running business in Egypt as well as handling all registration, legal and notary issues, seeing all transactions to completion.

Our comprehensive residential and commercial listings range from low-cost units to luxurious sea-front properties, lands and high-budget investment projects. The status of each property unit is thoroughly checked before being added to the listings.

We always inform our clients about the pros and cons of each area, location, future development plans and any other things that can be overlooked.

With the priority to our clients’ convenience and comfort we have introduced property management services ideal for those who need to rent out their holyday houses or want the property to be looked after during their absence.

We are also willing if necessary to provide reference and after-sale services in furnishing, maintenance, construction, renovation, design, greenery works, telephone connection, etc..

Our extensive regularly updated data-base is just partially laid-out on this web-site, that is why in addition to the listings search we ask you to send us by e-mail a detailed description of the properties you are looking for, so that we could help you to make the best selection of variants fitting your needs.  

Our professional team will do its best to help you achieve your total real estate needs guiding you every step of the way to make it hustle-free, easy and pleasant.

Why to choose Egypt ?

This is the most important question:

  • Many Russian inhabitants know that the prices of real estates in the popular resorts of Spain, Greece or Turkey overdraw the buying capacity of the average customers. Whereas the prices in Egypt are absolutely accessible for the buyers with moderate in-come.

  • Egypt’s history numbers over several thousands of years. This country is one the World Miracles.

  • All following aspects: favourable geographic and climatic situations, relatively low prices, friendly and hospitable original population and low crime rate - make the staying in this beautiful country emotionally comfortable and physically relaxing. Egyptian government stimulates the foreigners to buy the real estate inside of the country. Defence of the rights of buyers belongs to the politics of the state.

  • Egypt is an ideal choice for acquiring both apartments and villas abroad.

About our company

Our company is working in the field of selling the real estate (secondary) tourism and legal support of investments.

We work on the best coast of our company where such beautiful cities as Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Safaga are situated.

There is a highly developed infrastructure of service s, sport, tourism and rest.

The present region is ideal for living and having rest all year round. The sound environment and excellent ecological situation is achieved by the absolute absence of industrial objects.

Our company offers a wide choice of real estate s along the whole coast of our company. We have got a rich data base which contains a complete information about every flat, villa or building site for sale or rent. Our data base includes the information on the obligatory investing projects for sale and rent as well.


  • real estate s in Hurghada
  • sale of commercial real estates
  • negotiations and doing deals with the plots meant (intended) for erection of private dwelling houses
  • sale of newly built real estate and second hand houses
  • committing juridical and consulting services

Housing Administration

Our company provides the housing administration when the real estate has already been passed in customer’s usage. The prices of the housing administration are absolutely reasonable and accessible.

Housing administration services include:

  • observation of the safety and efficiency of all the communications and communal territories’ situation.
  • supervision of payment of the common services.
  • book-keeping and doing periodical and constant services.
  • leasing your real estate according to your will, making payment calculation with renters and accounting report for real estate owners.

Apartments and Villas

We offer our clients a huge amount of variable apartments and villas for sale and rent. We can provide you with an experienced crew of builders and designers.

Building Sites

We possess the sites for building either villas and houses or investment project (tourism, industry, farming and others).


Investments of real estate are the most stable and reliable way of saving and multiplying your money. Nothing better was invented during the whole history of humanity.

We offer you :

highly profitable reliable investments of the following real estates: plots, apartments, commercial real estates.
help in financial managing, provision of maximal benefit of projects.
complete legal dealing.